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Automate Website Workflows with Google Drive and MailerLite


As a website tech strategist, the ability to seamlessly connect with your audience while utilizing your website as a powerful tool is crucial. In this guide, we’ll explore the tech stack for creating automated website workflows involving Google Drive and MailerLite Automation to enhance your website strategy, allowing you to efficiently build connections and collect emails in exchange for valuable content.

Scenario: You have a document that you wish to share with your potential customer. But you want to collect their email before giving them the document so you can add them to your email list.

Here is a solution

Google Drive: Optimizing File Hosting for Automate Website Workflow to MailerLite

upload premium content

Step 1: Upload Premium Content

1. Sign in to your Google account and navigate to Google Drive.

2. Utilize the “+ New” button to upload the PDFs or files you want to offer as premium content.

3. Or if you create it in docs, you can covert it to a pdf 

share settings in google drive

Step 2: Fine-Tune Sharing Settings⇦⇦

1. Right-click on the uploaded file and access the “Share” option.

2. Configure sharing settings to “Anyone with the link can view” for broader access.

3. Copy the sharing link provided.

MailerLite Automation: Create the workflow

Step 1: Craft Targeted Email Campaigns

1. Log in to your MailerLite account.

2. Create engaging email campaigns emphasizing the premium content available on your website.

3. Encourage users to provide their email for exclusive access.

Step 2: Seamless Integration with Google Drive

1. Insert the Google Drive sharing link into your email campaigns, directing users to the premium content.

2. Utilize MailerLite’s automation features to schedule and personalize email deliveries.

Step 3: Enhance User Experience

1. Set up automated responses to collect user emails upon accessing the content on your website.

2. Monitor and optimize the automation process for a smooth user experience.

Checklist Tech Tips for Success

  • Regularly update sharing settings for seamless access.
  • Integrate MailerLite with your website for efficient automation.
  • Test the user journey to ensure a smooth and connected experience.

By incorporating Google Drive and MailerLite Automation into your tech stack, you can elevate your website strategy, providing a seamless user experience while efficiently building connections through email collection. Automating website workflows into your business processes can significantly enhance its efficiency, freeing up your valuable time that can be utilized in other critical tasks.

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